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Project Description
This is an attempt to port Neo4J to .Net.
"Neo4j is a graph database. It is an embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables.”

The project is broken down into GraphDb, Kernel, UnitTest, Contributions and ‘Other’ (other areas of Neo4J).

1. The contributors should try and make the code as close as possible to Neo4J in terms of namespace, classes, interfaces, methods, fields etc. The only difference should be in the Java to .Net naming conversion and the .Net way of doing things; .Net naming convention should be adopted.

(Refer to Juval Lowy &’s C# Coding Standards document (Click on the red "Standard" box located on the right side of the window to download the document.)

2. Every check-in should be accompanied with a comment to allow other contributors to know what is going on.

3. Licence is GPLv2 licensing.

4. Neo4Net is still in progress and the port from Neo4j to Neo4Net has bugs and will not compile. I am still working on converting the whole java code to Net (C#).

5. I have converted the core project, but I still have some bugs due to some syntax differences to sort out, and would greatly appreciate it if people would contribute and make it a reality.

6. To know more about Neo4J, Please go to

Interesting links to know more about Neo4J and the social networking graph.
1. Neo4j - a Graph Database that Kicks Buttox
2. Social networks in the database: using a graph database

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